party time with gd

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Good mvs are being released left and right

Young Saeng (SS501)- "Let It Go"

all i can say is wow, can't wait to get my hands on his album and to see him perform this song. so far all of the solo debut from the SS501 members have made me go :O when i see their mvs. Hyun is the last one to go. Seriously need to get my hands on their solo albums.

2NE1- "Lonely"

another good mv from them, hopefully yg changes his mind about them not promoting this song because its really nice. they all look very pretty, loved CL's & Minzy's outfits. can't wait for their comeback/new album. yg seriously needs to bring the whole yg family to the states, most likely it'll sell out right away.

Jay Park-


all i can say is that i'm sooooo glad that i went to KMF and got to see him perform and i want to see him perform agin. his latest mini album is really good, i've had it on loop for the past week and i still haven't gotten tired of listening to it.
party time with gd

KMF 2011

First time going to KMF so i'm looking forward to it. Even though some of the groups I wanted to come aren't coming I'm still gonna have fun. I might take one of my lil sisters because she wants to see U-kiss and 4minute but idk if she's gonna be up for it since they are gonna pull out two of teeths we'll see. Lol man we're not prepared or know what to expect tomorrow.

Still need to clear out my memory cards, charge my camera batteries, go buy glow sticks,......ahhhh so many things to get done.

It's in my mind and it just won't go away

Love these guys, love this song can't wait to see them again in march. ;)
hopefully imelda will be joining xochi and me. *crosses fingers*
hopefully they'll perform this song when i see them

--imelda you have to go it won't be the same without my concert buddy--

GD tophat


My copy of GD & TOP's album arrived this week, awesome way to end the week. :)

I got the gold version, well u can't tell in this pic though. oh and the seller I pre-ordered my copy from included the 3 pics on the left side as a bonus. :)

(I think more artist should make their cd packaging more interesting like the ones from South Korea.)

ugh really why my poster :(

happy that i finally have my copy of Taeyang's Solar International album and poster. but at the same time i'm upset because one of our dogs (oliver) bit thru the poster tube and bit parts of the poster off. what sucks even more is that it was the top part of the poster that was bitten and it came all the way from sk. need to see if i can find another one in koreatown to replace it or find a frame that would cover the bitten/missing parts. damn it when is oliver gonna stop bitting things.
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i think that jack's facial expressions in this pic ^ are how i'm feeling right now lol
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list kpop songs :D

so here are some of my favorite songs. i have a lot more. just let me know and i can add more groups/songs to the list. :D

[Big Bang] last farewell, beautiful hangover, tell me goodbye, gara gara go, number 1, stylish, stay, haru haru, crazy dog, oh my friend, lady, always, lollipop pt. 2, so beautiful, with u, shouts of reds, emotion, ora yeah, hallelujah, lies (these are just a few a them, there's a lot more)

[Taeyang] i'll be there, wedding dress, connection, where u at, prayer, i need a girl, friend, only look at me (basically of of his songs from his mini album "HOT" and full album "Solar" are good.... he's my favorite from big bang, well him and g-dragon)

[TOP] turn it up

[G-Dragon] breathe, hello, heartbreaker, korean dream, the leaders, this love, gossip man, boy, she's gone

[2ne1] try to follow me, fire, i don't care, pretty boy, let's go party, stay together, clap your hands, can't nobody, go away

[SS501] love ya, love like this, let me be the one, because i'm stupid, u r man, confession, stand by me, warning, hey g, a song calling for you, wasteland, want it

[U-Kiss] dancing flow, manmanhani, bingeul bingeul, give it to me, bang bang bang, without you, as long as you love me

[Brian Joo] my girl, in my head, bullet, lock me up

[Se7en] digital bounce, better together, drips

[HyunA] change

[Brave Brothers] finally

[Beast] crazy, mystery, shock, easy, special, bad girl

[4minute] Huh, I My Me Mine,

[Faddy Robot] Faddy Robot

[Shinee] Lucifer, Shinee Girl

71- Into The Fire

so today i went to see the into the fire with my sister and one of my friends, all i can say about the movie is wow. it's a must see. i give T.O.P props on his acting he did a good job and everyone else too of course. i wish this movie was being shown for more than just on one date, i wouldn't mind seeing it again. i did get teary eyed while watching it and the action/war scenes wow. lol we were the only mexicans there so it felt a little bit weird but its ok. lol i kinda figured that was gonna happen since the movie is korean and it was being shown in koreatown. i got a movie poster too so that made my day even better, now i need to go find a big enough frame for it. :D

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SK idols never fails to amaze/inspire me with their fashion, music and music videos. like this recent video from SS501 all i can say is wow. love it.


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:D can't wait for episode 11 tomorrow, sucks that its almost over hopefully they'll extend it to 20 episodes

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